Objectives of Reader's Club:
• Reader's Club promotes a love of literature in a positive, nurturing environment.
• It encourages critical thinking and deeper encouragements with stories.
• It provides accountability for students in reading and reading comprehension.
• It improves reading fluency and develop better writing skills.
• It improves oral verbiage skills and improve the research skills.
• It broadens and deepens their vocabulary bank.

The Reader's Club invites eminent speakers, scholars and writers to deliver speech, which stimulates own thinking power. The members in the club take the book from the Reader's Club library and develop their habit of reading.


1.Readers Club has organized Listening practice & Reading practice for the readers club members on monthly twice. It is one of the regular activity. Students are eagerly attended the classes and got more practice in reading skills.

2.The Hindu Newspaper was distributed   to all second and  third year students and they were monitored by the co-coordinators of Readers club. Every day, the important news is discussed in the classroom.

3.Every week, readers club members went to all classes and shared their views on important news.

4.Readers Club has conducted English oratorical in connection with Annual Day celebrations.

5.Readers Club has conducted Quiz Competition in English every year.

6.Readers Club has organized guest lectures twice in a year.