To impart knowledge in mathematical thinking, technological excellence in basic sciences and communication skills along with strong ethical values.


  • To apply mathematical knowledge to solve complex engineering problems and to design mathematical modelling for systems.
  • To offer academically advanced skills and innovative knowledge in maximising student’s abilities in all aspects of basic sciences and communication skills.
  • To develop self-confidence through inculcating a positive attitude with relevant skills to meet the challenges of the competitive world.

The aim of the Department is to train young men and women of quality to be leaders in all walks of life, with the hope of playing a vital role in bringing about the desired changes for the betterment of the people of the country, more particularly of poor and marginalized sections of society.

The Department of Languages and Sciences is bridging the curriculum between school and Engineering education. The main shove behind the establishment of the department is to promote basic scientific understanding and knowledge for diploma students and conduct research in prominent area of interdisciplinary sciences and engineering that will be beneficial for the Nation and the World at large. The department has highly qualified, well experienced and dedicated faculty members.. This Department shoulders the responsibility of teaching basic subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English for all engineering courses.

 This Department imparts excellent quality of education in various fields for future development of students. It takes lot of efforts to make the students understand the basic concepts with right learning atmosphere. The acquired skills help the students to upgrade their expertise in Engineering Applications. The Department also encourages students to engage in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities to develop their team spirit and organizational skills. The Fine Arts Club provides students a platform of self-expression and opportunities to develop their talents in the various art forms like, dance, music, etc. 


English. as the international lingua franca has dominated and has been spearheading an information revolution by acting as the catalyst of the diffusion of Knowledge and Culture. To enable rural students  to be on par with their urban counterparts by imparting communicative and literary skills in English and helping them to function as effective bilinguals in society.

The Mission of the English Department is to prepare the students to discover the dynamics of English studies in the contemporary context, imbibed with multi-cultural perspective and qualified by critical thought, thereby bridging the gap between the word and the world. The department aims to make available the entire spectrum of English studies coupled with cutting-edge research of global relevance; to enable students to confront the challenges of life and life-long learning.


The department strives to create an atmosphere of learning to enable the students to develop sound cognitive and problem solving skills. The goal is to promote perseverance to achieve strong numerical maturity geared to meet the career. To sensitize the students to discharge the duties in real life with honesty and social integrity.

To inculcate quantitative and analytical skills so as to develop strong logical reasoning by stimulating human curiosity and to empower rural women with sound analytical and reasoning to face head on the highly competitive world.


The Department of Physics has a commitment to fulfill the inter-related roles of generating and disseminating knowledge with rigorous standards, imaginative methodology, global awareness and an enthusiastic quest for truth. The department strives to provide a sound education in the core subject, elevating the analytical skills of the students and to empower diverse learning with an aptitude for creative synthesis, individual thoughts and collaborative action .enlighten them on the career options available in the field of Science, technology and other Profession.


To propagate scientific method among students to prepare them for a changing and challenging world and also to bring up a community of talented chemists with a great sense of responsibility towards mankind. The Department of Chemistry promotes innovative curriculum development and exposing students to advanced instrumentation and technology. It also encourages students towards value diversity and develops a global perspective through international experiences in chemistry.