H.O.D (I/c) Lecturer(Sel.Gr-II)

The strength of our department is our faculties. With the continuous and consistent efforts of the faculty, students of high caliber in all dimensions are being brought out every year. The students are taught with the curriculum and syllabus, as given by the DOTE completely. But in the changing scenario, the necessity of imparting various skills is felt. So for every semester the students undergo any one of the value added courses. Other than this, in the vacations, they are undertaking In Plant Training. The students are also encouraged to actively participate in the technical competitions and seminars held in colleges throughout Tamilnadu. The students are also advised to take part in all extracurricular activities. Technical visits are arranged regularly to have practical exposures. They bring laurels to the college and also to the department.

The department also takes care of the students to manage things at home front and makes them emotionally strong by appointing counsellors within the department itself. This is done through the active participation of the entire faculty and the placement cell. The students are also technically prepared to get through the interviews. The students opting for higher studies are counselled to choose the college of right choice. At last, the faculty members, through their compassion and love have good rapport with the Alumni and the alumni also support in many ways. Alumni support scholarship, guidance for placement and provide in-plant training to the students.