Students from distant places are provided hostel accommodation subject to the availability of rooms. The hostel function under the general supervision of the Warden, Committee is functioning to look after the welfare of the students. Students availing hostel accommodation are governed by the hostel rules and should regularly pay their hostel dues, advances etc., Arrears of the same may entail postponement of the issue of certificate until the dues are cleared.
A hostel comprising of a ground floor and first floor with a built in area of 11,750 sq.ft. Comprising of 30 rooms with a capacity to accommodate 120 students functions for the benefit of the students.

Hostel Admission Fee for a year

 Admission Fee Rs.10
 Mess Charges - Deposit Rs.2500 [Will be refunded end of the year ]
Establishment and Maintained Charges Rs.10000 [ Will not be refunded ]

General Rules and Regulations

  • Residents are required to follow the hostel rules and regulations strictly.If resident violates the rules and regulations of the hostel he is liable for suitable punishment.
  • Daily 2 hours(8 PM to 10.30 PM) is declared as study hours. The residents are advised to use that time only for study purpose not for writing or drawing.
  • Residents must always keep their personal cards with them in their pocket without fail.
  • Smoking and playing cards are strictly prohibited.
  • Residents are advised to treat the hostel servants with kindness and courtesy.
  • Writing on walls, doors, windows, etc., is an offence.
  • Wanton breakages / damage to hostel property is an offence. The cost of repair or replacement of such damages will be recovered from the residents of the Block concerned.
  • It is the residents responsibility to keep their money, and things safe. The hostel management does not bear the responsibility for loss of their money or valuables.
  • No dayscholar will be allowed to enter or stay in the HOSTEL. Any violation of this rule will be viewed very seriously.
  • Using or being in possession of intoxicants is an offence. Offenders are liable to be punished suitably.
  • The Warden may refuse admission to any student without assigning any reason.
  • Warden’s interpretation of the rules is final.
  • Residents are strictly informed not to use the mobile phone during the study hours.